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French Girl NamesFrench girl names are romantic, chic, and classic. If you are looking for a beautiful French girl name for your lovely daughter, here comes the list. This list contains the most popular French girl names, for example Lea, Manon, Chloe, Camille, and Sarah. Of course you could consider those vintage French girl names, such as Adeline, Alice, Florence, and Raina.

Girl NameMeaning
GertrudeFrom The Protected Farm
GiuliaItalian Form Of Julia (Youthful)
HeleneVariant Of Helen. In Mythology The Abduction Of Zeus's Mortal Daughter Helen Sparked The Trojan War.
HeloiseFrench Form Of Louise
HenrietteKeeper Of The Hearth
InayaConcern; Solicitude
InesMeek. Chaste. Variant Of Agnes.
IrmaWar Goddess
IsabelleDevoted To God
JacquelineFeminine Form Of Jacques (Supplanter)
JadeJewel. Courageous And Adoring.
JeanneFeminine Form Of Jean (God's Gift)
JeannineDiminutive Form Of Jane Or Jeanne.
JolieCheerful: Pretty.
JosephineGod Will Add
JoyJewel: Rejoicing.
JulieYouthful: Jove's Child. A Feminine Of Julian.
JulienneFeminine Form Of Julian (Youthful)
JulietteYouthful Variant Of Julia. Jove's Child.

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