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French Girl NamesFrench girl names are romantic, chic, and classic. If you are looking for a beautiful French girl name for your lovely daughter, here comes the list. This list contains the most popular French girl names, for example Lea, Manon, Chloe, Camille, and Sarah. Of course you could consider those vintage French girl names, such as Adeline, Alice, Florence, and Raina.

Girl NameMeaning
JustineJust: Upright. Feminine Of Justin.
Lacey"Derived From Lacey Which Is A French Nobleman's Surname Brought To British Isles After Norman Conquest. Feminine, Petite, And Pure. Very Beautiful."
LeaMythological Goddess Of Canoe Builders
LenaName Suffix.
LilaFeminine Of Lyle From The Island. Variant Of Delilah.
LisaDevoted To God
LiseDevoted To God
LolaFeminine Form Of Carlos Manly: Abbreviation Of Dolores Full Of Sorrows.
LorenaVariant Of Laura Or Lora Referring To The Laurel Tree Or Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic Of Honor And Victory.
LorraineMade Famous In Battle
LouisaRenowned Fighter. Feminine Of Louis.
LouiseRenowned Warrior
LourdesReference To The Virgin Mary
LucieLight: Illumination.
LucienneDiminutive Form Of Lucia Light: Illumination.
MacyDerived From Medieval Male Form Of Matthew.

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