Amy: Meaning of girl name Amy

Pronunciation: [A-my]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Dearly Loved: Beloved.

Origin: French

Beloved. In mythology, Amy was the wife of King Latinus.

Variant Forms:

AimeeDearly Loved Variant Of Amy.FemaleFrench
AmiDearly LovedFemaleFrench

Famous People Named Amy:

Ramy Ashour is well-known professional squash player.

Amy Tan is a well-known author famous for her bestselling book ‘The Joy Luck Club’.

Amy Sedaris is a famous American actress, author and comedian.

Amy Poehler is a popular American actress, comedian, producer and writer.

Amy Levy was a British poetess and novelist, one of the most remembered authors of the Victorian era.

Amy Lee is an American singer song-writer.

Amy Jade Winehouse was a highly talented yet troubled singer-songwriter.

Amy Grant is a noted American singer, author and media personality.

Amy Clampitt was an American poet and author known for works marked by dense language and complex allusions.

Amy Beach was the first American woman soloist who was also a successful composer of her time.

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