Baby Girl Names, Uncommon Names For Girls

Baby Girl Names Your pretty baby girl is the gift from the God to you, and name is the first gift you give your baby. Baby girl names are usually pretty, attractive, feminine, and sometimes sophisticated, just like your beautiful girls. Here comes our collection of baby girl names for you, these names contain most of the names for girls. Of course the best names are those literally meaning pretty or beautiful, and we also picked those mighty girl names, if you like bold, tough, or adventurous names. Flower-inspired names are feminine and soft, they have been popular options for years. If you like those unique, unusual, uncommon, or vintage girl names, you could also find them from the below list.

Baby NameMeaningOrigin
AbetziOmaha Name Meaning " Yellow Leaf."Native American
AbeyOmaha Name Meaning " Leaf."Native American
AbeytuOmaha Name Meaning " Green Leaf."Native American
AbhiratiMyth Name (Mother Of Five Hundred Children, A Mother Goddess)Indian
AbhyGives JoyHebrew
AbiagealIrish Form Of Abigail (Brings Joy) ADARA, ATHDARAIrish
AbichailGives JoyHebrew
Abida"She Who Worships"; Also A Hebrew Name Meaning "My Father Knows."Arabic
Abigail"Father Rejoices."Some Variants Include Abagail, Abaigeal, Abbey, Abbie, And Abby. Diminutive, Gail, Also Exists.Hebrew
Abigall"Fathers Joy. Alternate Spellings: Abegale, Abgail, Abigale."Hebrew
Abijah"God Is My Father." Variants Include Abisha, And Abishah.Hebrew
AbirArabic Name Meaning "Fragrant; Scent."Variant, Abeer, Exists.Arabic
Abital"My Father Is Dew." Variant, Avital, Exists.Hebrew
AblahPerfectly FormedArabic
Abra"Example; Lesson."Also A Hebrew Name Meaning "Parent Of Many."Variants Include Abame, Abarrane, And Abrahana.Arabic
AbrianaVariant Of Italian.Italian
AbriannaMother Of Many Nations.English
AbrihetTigrinya Of Ethiopia Female Name Meaning "She Has Made It Light, She Emanates Light."African
AbrilThe Month April: Symbolizes Spring.Spanish
AcademiaNamed For Ciceros Villa ACARNANIALatin
Acca"From Acca."Anglo
Aceline"Noble, Highborn." Variant Asceline Exists.French
AchanDinka Of South Sudan Name For A Female Child In The First Pair Of Twins.African
AchcauhtliUnisexual Name Meaning "Leader."Nahuatl
AcheflourWhite FlowerArthurian
AcheflowWhite FlowerArthurian
AcimaFeminine Form Of Acim, "The Lord Will Judge."Variants Include Acimah, Achima, And Achimah."Hebrew
AdaIbo Of Nigeria Name For Firstborn Females.African
Adah"Ornamented; Decorated."Hebrew
AdairaFrom The Oak Tree FordScottish
AdairiaFrom The Oak Tree FordScottish
AdaleneVariant Of Adela.French
AdalgisaItalian Name Of Germanic Origin, Meaning "Noble Pledge" Or "Noble Hostage."Italian
AdalheidaSweet Or NobleGerman

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