Baby Girl Names, Uncommon Names For Girls

Baby Girl Names Your pretty baby girl is the gift from the God to you, and name is the first gift you give your baby. Baby girl names are usually pretty, attractive, feminine, and sometimes sophisticated, just like your beautiful girls. Here comes our collection of baby girl names for you, these names contain most of the names for girls. Of course the best names are those literally meaning pretty or beautiful, and we also picked those mighty girl names, if you like bold, tough, or adventurous names. Flower-inspired names are feminine and soft, they have been popular options for years. If you like those unique, unusual, uncommon, or vintage girl names, you could also find them from the below list.

Baby NameMeaningOrigin
Adalia"Noble One."Also A Hebrew Name Meaning "God Is My Refuge."Some Variants Include Adal, Adalee, Adalie, Adalley, And Addala.German
AdaliciaOf The Nobility. Noble.French
AdalieOf The Nobility. Noble.French
AdalizOf The Nobility. Noble.German
AdalwolfaNoble She WolfGerman
AdalynVariant Of Adela.French
AdamaIbo Of Nigeria Female Name Meaning "Beautiful Child" Or "Queenly."African
AdaminaFeminine Form Of Adam, "Of The Red Earth."Some Variants Are Adamine, Adaminna, Addie, Mina, And Minna.Hebrew
AdanaSpanish Feminine Of Adam.Spanish
AdanechAmharic And Tigrinya Of Ethiopia Female Name Meaning "She Has Rescued Them."African
AdannaIbo Of Nigeria Female Name Meaning "Father's Daughter."African
Adara"Virgin."Also An Greek Name Meaning "Beauty," And A Hebrew Name Meaning "Fire." Variants, Adar And Adra, Exist.Arabic
AddieVariant Of Adela.French
AdeA Mistress Of LancelotArthurian
AdeelaSimilar; EqualArabic
AdeenLittle FireIrish
AdelaGood HumorFrench
AdelaideSweet Or NobleGerman
AdelajdaPolish Form Of Adelaide (Noble) ALBINKAEnglish
AdeleGood Humor: Of The Nobility. Noble.French
AdelheidSweet Or NobleGerman
AdelheideSweet Or NobleGerman
AdeliaOf The Nobility. Noble.French
AdelinaOf The Nobility. Noble. Variant Of Adela.French
Adelinda"Noble; Sweet."A Compound Name Consisting Of Adele, "Nobility," And Linda, "Pretty."German
AdelineSweet: Of The Nobility. Noble.German
AdelisaOf The Nobility. Noble.French
AdeliseForerunner Of Alice Of The Nobility. Noble.French
AdelitaKind Or Winged: Of The Nobility. Noble.Spanish
AdellaOf The Nobility. Noble.Spanish
AdelleOf The Nobility. Noble.French
Adelpha"Dear Sister."Variants Include Adelphe And Adelphie.Greek
AdelynnVariant Of Adela.French
AdelyteHas Good HumorGerman

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