Baby Girl Names, Uncommon Names For Girls

Baby Girl Names Your pretty baby girl is the gift from the God to you, and name is the first gift you give your baby. Baby girl names are usually pretty, attractive, feminine, and sometimes sophisticated, just like your beautiful girls. Here comes our collection of baby girl names for you, these names contain most of the names for girls. Of course the best names are those literally meaning pretty or beautiful, and we also picked those mighty girl names, if you like bold, tough, or adventurous names. Flower-inspired names are feminine and soft, they have been popular options for years. If you like those unique, unusual, uncommon, or vintage girl names, you could also find them from the below list.

Baby NameMeaningOrigin
AdrieFrom The AdriaticDutch
AdrieneFrom Adria The Adriatic Sea Region. Also Means Dark.French
AdsalutaMyth NameCeltic
AdsilaBlossom (Cherokee)Native American
AdwoaAkan Of Ghana Names For Females Born On Monday; Peace.African
AdyaBorn On SundayIndian
AeaeaMyth Name (Island Of Circe)Greek
AedonMyth Name (Daughter Of Pandareos)Greek
AeginaMeaning UnknownGreek
AelfraedElf CounselorEnglish
AelfwineFriend Of The ElvesEnglish
AelloMyth Name (A Harpy)Greek
AerwynaFriend Of The SeaEnglish
AethelflaedSister Of King EdwardAnglo
AethelredaNoble MaidenEnglish
AethelthrythWife Of King EcgfrithAnglo
AethelwineFriend Of The ElvesEnglish
AethelwyneFriend Of The ElvesEnglish
AethraMyth Name (Mother Of Theseus)Greek
AetnaFrom AetnaGreek
AfafVirtuous; PureArabic
AfafaEwe Of Ghana Female Name For The Firstborn Child Of A Second Husband.African
AfetWoman Of Bewitching BeautyTurkish
AfiaAkan Of Ghana Name For Females Born On Friday.African
AfinaMeaning UnknownRomanian
Afra"Doe; Young Deer." Also Arabic Name Meaning "Color Of Earth." Variants Include Affera, Affery, Affra, Aphra.Hebrew
AfraimaArabic And Hebrew Name Meaning "Fertile."Hebrew
AfredaElf CounselorEnglish
AftonNamed For An Old English Town. First A Name For Boys. Variant Affton Exists.English
AfuaBorn On Friday.African
AfyaSwahili Female Name (Also Spelled AFIYA) And Kiswahili Word Meaning "Health."Afya Bora Means "Good Health."African

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