Baby Girl Names, Uncommon Names For Girls

Baby Girl Names Your pretty baby girl is the gift from the God to you, and name is the first gift you give your baby. Baby girl names are usually pretty, attractive, feminine, and sometimes sophisticated, just like your beautiful girls. Here comes our collection of baby girl names for you, these names contain most of the names for girls. Of course the best names are those literally meaning pretty or beautiful, and we also picked those mighty girl names, if you like bold, tough, or adventurous names. Flower-inspired names are feminine and soft, they have been popular options for years. If you like those unique, unusual, uncommon, or vintage girl names, you could also find them from the below list.

Baby NameMeaningOrigin
AgalaiaMyth Name (Splendor)Greek
AganaChamoru Spanish, "Blood."Chamoru
Agapi"Love; Affection." Variants Include Agape, Agappe.Greek
Agatha"Good." Variants Include Ag, Agace, Agacia, Agafia, Agafon, Agapet, Agapit, Agata, Agate, Agathe, Agathi, Agatta, Aggi, Aggie, Aggy, Aggye, Agi, Agie, Agota, Agotha, Agueda, Agy, Agye.Greek
AgaveMyth Name (Mother Pentheus), "Illustrious; Noble."Greek
AgbenyagaEwe Of Ghana Name Meaning "Life Is Precious."(Could Be Shortened To NYAGA.)African
AghadreenaFrom The Field Of The Sloe BushesIrish
AghamoraFrom The Great FieldIrish
AghaveaghFrom The Field Of The Old TreeIrish
AghavillaFrom The Field Of The Old TreeIrish
AghnaIrish Form Of AgnesIrish
AglaiaOne Of The Three Graces Of Greek Myth. "Brilliant." Variants Include Thalia (Blossoming), And Obsolete Euphrosyne (Joy).Greek
AglaurosMyth Name (Turned Into Stone By Hermes)Greek
Agnes"Pure; Virginal." Variants Include Ag, Agafi, Agafia, Agafon, Aggi, Aggie, Aggye, Aghna, Agi, Agie, Agna, Agnah, Agnek, Agnella, Agnellah, Agnelle, Agnese, Agnesse, Agneta, Agnetta, Agnettah, Agnola, Agnolah, Agot, Agota, Agote, Agoti, Agy, AgyeGreek
AgneseSpanish Form Of Agnes PureSpanish
Agnola"Angel." Also A Variant Of Greek Anges (Pure). Variants Include Agnolla, Agnolle.Italian
AgothaHungarian Form Of Agatha (Kind)Hungarian
AgurtzaneRefers To The Virgin MaryBasque
AhanaFrom The Little FordIrish
AhavaDearly LovedHebrew
AhaveDearly LovedHebrew
AhdPledge; KnowledgeArabic
AhlamWitty; Imaginative; One Who Has Pleasant DreamsArabic
AhudaDearly LovedHebrew
AhuvaDearly LovedHebrew
AiBeloved, GentleVietnamese

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