Baby Girl Names, Uncommon Names For Girls

Baby Girl Names Your pretty baby girl is the gift from the God to you, and name is the first gift you give your baby. Baby girl names are usually pretty, attractive, feminine, and sometimes sophisticated, just like your beautiful girls. Here comes our collection of baby girl names for you, these names contain most of the names for girls. Of course the best names are those literally meaning pretty or beautiful, and we also picked those mighty girl names, if you like bold, tough, or adventurous names. Flower-inspired names are feminine and soft, they have been popular options for years. If you like those unique, unusual, uncommon, or vintage girl names, you could also find them from the below list.

Baby NameMeaningOrigin
XandraDefender Of Mankind. Feminine Of Alexander.English
XavieraBright: Splendid. Feminine Of Xavier.Spanish
XavieriaLike A Princess.English
XavierraOwner Of A New HomeFrench
XavierreOwner Of A New HomeFrench
XetsaEwe Of Ghana Name Meaning "Twin."African
XeveraOwns A New HouseSpanish
XeveriaOwns A New HouseSpanish
XiaGlow Of The Sunrise Or SunsetChinese
Xia HeSummer Lotus; Pure And ElegantChinese
Xiao ChenEarly Morning; DawnChinese
Xiao HongMorning RainbowChinese
XihuitlUnisexual Name Meaning "Year" Or " Comet."Nahuatl
Xin QianHappy And BeautifulChinese
XiomaraMeaning UnknownNahuatl
XipilUnisexual Name Meaning "Noble Of The Fire."Nahuatl
XiuElegant; BeautifulChinese
Xiu JuanElegant; Beautiful; GracefulChinese
XiuhcoatlUnisexual Name Meaning "Fire Serpent" Or "Weapon Of Destruction."Nahuatl
XiuhtonalPrecious LightNahuatl
XochicotzinLittle Necklace Of FlowersNahuatl
XochiquetzalMost Beautiful Flower; Plumed FlowerNahuatl
XochiyotlHeart Of A Gentle FlowerNahuatl
XocoYoungest SisterNahuatl
XocoyotlYoungest ChildNahuatl
Xue FangSnow FragrantChinese
XyliaFrom The WoodsGreek

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