Good Girl Names, Sweet And Innocent Names For Girls

Good Girl NamesGood girls are super respectful, kind, courteous, and usually intelligent. Although bad girl names are very popular, the most parents still like good girl names. If you are looking for some names for your good baby girls, here comes the list. These names are sweet, innocent, and feminine, and they make best options for your little angels. Check out the below list and feel free to choose your favorite first names or middle names for your pretty baby girls.

Girl NameMeaning
AbbyMy Father Rejoices. Biblical: The Name Of King David's Third Wife Described As Good In Discretion And Beautiful In Form.
Abigail"Father Rejoices."Some Variants Include Abagail, Abaigeal, Abbey, Abbie, And Abby. Diminutive, Gail, Also Exists.
AdelaideSweet Or Noble
Agnes"Pure; Virginal." Variants Include Ag, Agafi, Agafia, Agafon, Aggi, Aggie, Aggye, Aghna, Agi, Agie, Agna, Agnah, Agnek, Agnella, Agnellah, Agnelle, Agnese, Agnesse, Agneta, Agnetta, Agnettah, Agnola, Agnolah, Agot, Agota, Agote, Agoti, Agy, Agye
AlexandriaDefender Of Mankind. Feminine Of Alexander.
Allegra"Joyful." Variants Include Alegra, Legra, Leggra.
AllisonVariation Of Alice.
AmeliaDefender ANSELMA
AmyDearly Loved: Beloved.
AnnaArthur's Sister
AnnabelleGrace And Beauty.
AnnelieseGrace Or Devoted To God
AnwenFair And Beautiful.
AprilOpening Buds Of Spring: Born In April.
ArielLioness Of God
AsiaLively: The Rising Sun. The Name Of The Continent Used As A Given Name. According To The Koran The Pharaoh's Wife Asia Raised The Infant Moses. A Variant Of Aisha: Life
Aurora"Dawn." According To Ancient Greek Mythology, Aurora Is The Goddess Of The Dawn. Aurora Was Mother Of Memnon, King Of Aethiopia, Whose African Troops Came To The Aid Of The Trojans At Troy.She Is Also Known As EOS.

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