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Soft Girl NamesSoft and gentle people are easy to communicate, and it is a blissful thing to live with a soft person. When coming up to baby names, many parents are choosing soft sounding names for their boys or girls. Here comes our collection of soft girl names, many of them have the meaning and annotations of soft. If you are looking for some soft girl names, try these soft, sweet, feminine, and girly names.

Girl NameMeaning
EllaBeautiful Fairy
ElleAbbreviation Of Eleanor And Ellen. Beautiful Fairy
ElliceVariant Of Elias Which Is The Greek Form Of Elijah.
EllieAbbreviation Of Eleanor And Ellen.
EloiseVariant Of Louise Famous In War
Emily"Industrious, Eager"
EmmaWhole: Complete. Universal
EmmelineIndustrious Hardworking. Variant Of Emily.
Erica"Regal, Queenlike. Variant Of Erika."
EvaDanish Form Of Eve (Life)
EvangelineBearer Of Good News.
EveLife. Living One. In The Bible Eve Was Adam's Wife And The First Woman.
EvieLiving One. Variant Of Eve. In The Bible Eve Was Adam's Wife And The First Woman.
FayeVariant Of Faith. Confidence: Trust: Belief.
FedoraGod's Gift
FelicityGreat Happiness

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