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Soft Girl NamesSoft and gentle people are easy to communicate, and it is a blissful thing to live with a soft person. When coming up to baby names, many parents are choosing soft sounding names for their boys or girls. Here comes our collection of soft girl names, many of them have the meaning and annotations of soft. If you are looking for some soft girl names, try these soft, sweet, feminine, and girly names.

Girl NameMeaning
JenessaVariant Of Jenisa.
KylieBoomerang. Feminine Form Of Kyle.
Lacey"Derived From Lacey Which Is A French Nobleman's Surname Brought To British Isles After Norman Conquest. Feminine, Petite, And Pure. Very Beautiful."
LainePath: Roadway. Variant Of Surnames Lane And Laine.
LamisSoft To The Touch
LaraProtection. Popular Surname And Place Name.
LatifahGentle; Kind; Friendly
LaylaSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Born At Night."
LeilaBorn At Night.
LenaName Suffix.
LilaFeminine Of Lyle From The Island. Variant Of Delilah.
LilahFeminine Of Lyle From The Island. Variant Of Delilah.
LilibethBlend Of Lily: (The Flower: Innocence: Purity: Beauty) And Elizabeth: (My God Is Bountiful:God Of Plenty.)
LillianVariant Of Lillian Derived From The Flower Name Lily. Symbol Of Innocence: Purity: Beauty.
LillyThe Flower Lily Is A Symbol Of Innocence: Purity And Beauty.
LindseyFrom The Linden Tree Island
LisaDevoted To God
LoreleiTemptress: A Rocky Cliff On The Rhine River Dangerous To Boat Passage: The Lorelei Whose Singing Lures Men To Destruction.
LouisaRenowned Fighter. Feminine Of Louis.

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