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Unique Girl NamesEach girl is different, so many parents are looking for unique names for their baby girls, although it can be a bit of a challenge. A good unique name will help your girl stand out but not one that she'll hate in the future. Here comes our collection of unique girl names, these names are both unique and beautiful. The more important thing is, these pretty girl names are not overused and too popular. Feel free to check the below list and select your favorite names for your sweet girls.

Girl NameMeaning
FaoiltiamaWolf Lady
FayeVariant Of Faith. Confidence: Trust: Belief.
FedelmMyth Name (Wife Of Loegaire)
FelicityGreat Happiness
FenellaOf The White Shoulders
FineenaBeautiful Child
FinolaFair Shoulders
FionaWhite Or Comely
FionnualaFair Shoulders
FredaPeaceful Ruler. Feminine Of Frederick.
FreyaQueen Of The Gods
GaelJoyful. Abbreviation Of Abigail. Gael Is A Term For Descendants Of The Ancient Celts In Scotland: Ireland And The Isle Of Man.
GalliaFrom Gaul
GarnetA Dark-Red Gemstone Named For The Pomegranate Because Of Its Color.
GeorgetteFeminine Form Of George (Farmer)
GeraldineMighty With A Spear. Rules By The Spear. Feminine Of Gerald.
GertrudeFrom The Protected Farm
GiannaGod Is Gracious
GillianVariant Of Juliana.

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